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Applications of alumina ceramics

July 8, 2018

Applications of Alumina Ceramics


 - Because of their excellent chemical stability, alumina ceramics are widely used in acid-resistant pump impellers, pump bodies, acid-carrying pipe linings and valves.


- Aluminum oxide ceramics are used in the manufacture of textile wear parts. This is due to their extreme hardness and wear resistance.


- Alumina ceramic materials are used in making spark plugs, which are useful in a wide variety of engines.


- With an alumina content higher than 95%, alumina ceramics can be used as excellent electrical insulators. They also have a low dielectric loss, with a wide range of applications in electronics and electrical appliances.


- Other essential applications of alumina ceramics can be seen in seal rings, medical industry, thermocouple tubes, electronic substrates, ballistic armor, electrical insulators, grinding media, and wear components, etc.


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